Strong and Inspirational words and images for men.

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An attractive and soulful image, showing the face of a handsome man with lovely puffy afro and his afro pick/comb in it. A feminine T-shirt that's a lovely addition to a casual summer onsomble. Sure to be one of your favourite T-Shirts.


A very attractive T-shirt suitable for different casual occasions. Ideal for the summer.


A very attractive t-shirt, soft and comfortable, depicting the image of a woman from ethnic culture.


GOLDEN BUDDA is a modern eye-catching T-shirt. Easily would be your favourite garment.


A very attractive T-shirt that's a visual and silent communicator.


A beautiful depiction of two birds in love. Heatpressed with vinyl. Great quality and stylish T-shirt for all romanics.


An attractive image of a Masai in bronze. Very comfortable to wear, suitable for all occasions.  


A very attractive and heart warming ethnic image of a women donning an African headwrap. The art was created with heat-press and vinyl.  When cared for properly you'll have a life long piece of art, to enjoy all year round.  Two versions available.  State your preference when ordering - use the checkout message box stating: (a) version on T-Shirt (b) version in window.   We will confirm before printing for you.


A very colourful  NEON ORANGE tee with eye-catching image of a women in pan-African colours. This  T-shirt needs little boasting as the beauty can be seen. A fabulous choice for this spring and summer. *Available in various colours and alternative styles.  


Not responsible tells the truth. A great gift to yourself.


An attractive abstract image of a swan on a pond. Some may say they see a snake but that's the beauty of this image, you're encouraged to think about the image before you.  A soft and comfortable ring-spun T-shirt that's perfect for casual weekend occasions. *Available in various colours and an alternative format.  

THE NIGHT begun…

A very attractive, sexy, soft and comfortable T-shirt you can wear for all occasions - formal or informal. Night and day. The eye catching text denotes - The Night Has Just Begun… (Have this phrase printed on a Hoodie or different colour T-Shirt).