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A very attractive unique spinoff from the phrase black girl magic. Baby girl socery tells a cultural story.

Jute Cushion

Keeping it natural with this rustic jute pillow.  A cushion is made from natural raw jute sacks that was used to house coffee beans.   The photos show the front and back of the cushion.  A great addition to any home or office or study.  


A KISS IN LOVE will draw the attention you need to start that conversation. Soft, comfortable, bright, vibrant. This T-shirt will be one of your favourites.

Leather cushion for your message

This vegan friendly leather cushion is presented to you bear. You can personalise this cushion to express yourself in print for any occasion. A cushion can say it for you - I love you, Congratulations, Welcome, A verse from the bible, or a song, etc.   A cushion can be an impressive gift for someone special.  


A very beautiful, feminine and unique T-shirt that will surely get a lot of positive attention. It makes you smile and feel good. This is the Tee every girl wants!

WIFE in Matt

THE wife is a special women, tell her or confirm it with this t-shirt. The breakdown is no doubt a fact. Treat yourself or impress your wife and watch her wear it with pride.